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          First coronavirus case found in Bangladesh Rohingya refugee camps�

          The government believes that while the number of cases have been on a rise, it is also because of the huge population.�


          At eateries, the requirements demand 1.5m between tables and collection of patrons&#x27; contact details to assist in rapid contract tracing should any become unwell with the virus�"In view of the rising number of coronavirus cases, we might attach hotels and banquets with hospitals and convert them into hospitals," he said. "Hotels and banquet halls will not be opened for now."�

          “We need to really thread the needle between those two things,” said Osterholm. “I worry we have passed over having that difficult conversation. We’ve already decided that it’s over and done with. It’s not.”For Americans, coronavirus went from being a mysterious affliction that occurred in far-off lands to 1m confirmed cases on US soil within 14 weeks. Now, just six weeks later, the US has broken through the grim milestone of 2m positive tests for Covid-19, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker.The anguish of life lost, of a severely wounded economy and wrenching political turmoil have taken a harrowing toll upon a fatigued American public. But further, perhaps far greater pain is yet to come, pandemic experts have warned, even as authorities wave people back into reopened shops and offices and the US president’s political rhetoric on an epochal crisis dwindles away to near silence.“Everyone has just looked at the first 100 yards of this marathon,” said Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.


          "If the US pokes its nose into others' affairs with careless remarks, far from minding its internal affairs, at a time when its political situation is in the worst-ever confusion, it may encounter an unpleasant thing hard to deal with," Kwon Jong Gun, director-general for US affairs at North Korea's Foreign Ministry, said in comments carried by state news agency KCNA.�

          The great Australian roadtrip is set for a renaissance but in a world with COVID-19 holiday parks are going to look very different.(Instagram: Discovery Parks)&quot;We&#x27;re already seeing very strong early bookings in NSW and other states that are opening up,&quot; Mr Wilckens said.&quot;We&#x27;re quite confident we&#x27;re going to see a renaissance of the Australian roadtrip.&quot;We will see new people experience our sector. They will try it and go &#x27;wow, this is an affordable way of seeing the outdoors.&#x27;&quot;Related�

          Malka Leifer fit to stand trial for extradition over rape and child sex charges, Israeli court rules�"Beijing's aggressive behaviour shows why countries should avoid economic over-reliance on China and should guard their critical infrastructure from CCP influence," he added."The United States stands ready to assist our friends in the UK with any needs they have, from building secure and reliable nuclear power plants to developing trusted 5G solutions that protect their citizens' privacy.""Free nations deal in true friendship and desire mutual prosperity, not political and corporate kowtow," Mr Pompeo added.A massive fire has broken out at an oil field in north-eastern India, after gas that had been leaking for two weeks ignited, sending plumes of smoke and flames into the sky, and reportedly setting fire to nearby homes.Five deaths in the area are being investigated for potential links to the gas well, which has been leaking “uncontrollably” for two weeks, according to Oil India, the state-owned company managing the oil field.The gas well at the oil field, in Baghjan in the Tinsukia district of Assam state, started leaking in late May, the company said.�北极星娱乐平台COVID-19: Death toll in Brazil crosses 40,000; Peru reports deaths of 170 cops�


          Chennai: In no mood for the central govenment&#39;s enthusiasm to unlock the country, the Tamil Nadu government has decided to extend its Covid-19 containment and control measures until June 30 midnight, chief minister, Edappadi K Palaniswami announced Sunday.�北极星娱乐平台It also asked the Centre to file an additional affidavit within four weeks with regard to the legality of Ministry of Home Affairs&#39; March 29 circular which had mandated payment of full wages during the lockdown period.�

          The staff cuts come just a week after SoftBank revealed that Misra received a substantial increase in compensation, despite massive losses in the business. The former Deutsche Bank AG trader earned 1.61 billion yen ($15 million) in the year ended March 31, more than double his pay a year earlier. Misra was SoftBank's second-highest-paid executive in the period, after Claure.�




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