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          Anti-racism protesters vowed to remove this statue that came into existence in 2013, with activist Taitimu Maipi calling Hamilton a murderer.�

          General government debt already stood at 70 per cent of GDP in 2019-20, well above the 'BBB' rating median of 42 per cent.�


          India currently does not manufacture remdesivir ? ?�The outrage generated by Floyd's death in Minneapolis last month has resonated in France as a wave of anger continued to sweep the world following the death of African American George Floyd.�

          Also read: Our stimulus package is as large as GDP of Pakistan: India tells Imran Khan after he offers 'help'


          Former henchman of notorious serial killer dies of COVID-19�

          Pakistan says working with India in fight against locust menace�

          A frosty morning on April 12, 2020, where temperatures dipped to minus four degrees in Canberra.(Karleen Minney)But it&#x27;ll be a chilly weekend in Canberra so it could be best to stay inside.&quot;Maximum temperatures during the day are only 13 to 14 degrees under pretty sunny skies,&quot; Mr McIntosh said.&quot;It&#x27;ll be a very calm long weekend in Canberra and that means the nights can really freeze over. Just cold, cold air.&quot;VictoriaMorning temperatures in Melbourne will drop to six degrees on Saturday with a top of 13 degrees during the day. There is the chance of a brief shower in the late afternoon.Similar conditions are expected on Sunday with the chance of a light shower in the late morning to early afternoon. Monday will be mostly sunny with a cool top of 14 degrees.Travel restrictions have eased across Victoria meaning people can now stay in a holiday home or private residence.Tourist accommodation is open for guests but only if there are no shared facilities, such as bathrooms and kitchens�Breaking news and updates June 10: Virus-ridden Ruby Princess allowed to dock so passengers didn&#x27;t miss flights; No community transmission in NSW for two weeks; Autistic teen found aliv�ck国际总代理She wants to see two incubation periods of zero community transmission in NSW and Victoria – one month of zero cases – before she considers opening the borders�


          The S&amp;P BSE Sensex ended the day at 34,247.05, up 290 points or 0.86 per cent with IndusInd Bank (up nearly 8 per cent) being the top gainer and Hero MotoCorp (down nearly 4 per cent) the biggest loser.&nbsp;�ck国际总代理The Israeli government cited coronavirus restrictions, a reason without logic given that movement for those with travel permits or foreign passports is constant at checkpoints between the West Bank and Israel.It's not at all clear quite how the annexation will look like on the ground. Mr Netanyahu has not revealed any details of the plan even to his own ministries or military who will need to deal with any fallout.The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, will begin to discuss the issue on 1 July but Mr Netanyahu has this week hinted that he may push ahead with the application of sovereignty immediately after that date.�

          Initially "it didn't seem necessarily malicious," Quadir said. "It was just horoscopes; then it escalated to pornography."�




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