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          New York City police officers arrest a protester in Brooklyn on 30 May Photograph: Kevin Hagen/EPA�

          But prosecutors now say they believe Swedish graphic designer Stig Engstrom, who died in 2000, is the gunman who fatally shot the Social Democrat leader.Speaking at a news conference, the case's chief prosecutor Krister Petersson said Engstrom's death meant the investigation would now be halted.�


          The ties between India and Nepal came under strain after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated a 80-km-long strategically crucial road connecting the Lipulekh pass with Dharchula in Uttarakhand on May 8.�It has also sparked steep inflation, including on imported products.�

          He said if people from other cities come to Delhi for specific surgeries, they will be provided treatment at private hospitals.


          Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey also weighed into the row, declaring the government won&#x27;t take advice from NSW�

          “I mean, I’m always anxious about that,” she said. “But I’ve never seen a multiracial uprising in my life like we’re seeing right now, and for all the anxiety I have every morning about what happens next, that gives me hope.”&nbsp;Eleven men have been charged in South Australia over an alleged armed motorcycle gang brawl on one of Adelaide&#x27;s busiest roads.SA Police allege the men who stormed a car yard on North Road yesterday afternoon are members of the Descendants Motorcycle Gang and were targeting a single individual.&quot;They all started brawling, a few people had poles, one person had a machete,&quot; witness and local store staff member Kala Brown told 9News.�

          Sunshine Coast man charged after alleged crime spree which ended in &#x27;quiet&#x27; cul-de-sacToday he was allowed to walk free from court after a judge handed down a two-year suspended sentence.His victim, who has previously said he suffers from recurring nightmares as a result of the incident, told 9News that he was &quot;doing okay&quot;.&quot;I just thank everybody for their support, my family and my colleagues, and that&#x27;s all I&#x27;ve got to say,&quot; Senior Constable Petts said.TORONTO &#8211; Premier Doug Ford said he won&#8217;t release a list of medical experts guiding his pandemic response because of privacy concerns, as opposition legislators called on the government to release a full roster of its health advisers.Ford defended those advisers Tuesday during his daily COVID-19 media briefing after questions were raised about which epidemiologists and scientists are giving him advice on the province&#8217;s reopening.The premier said outside of the health experts on his pandemic command table, he has received advice from more than 100 doctors.But he declined to name them. �Reuters was not able to establish how many of the hacking attempts were successful.�经济诈骗和网络诈骗:: Listen to the Daily podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, SpreakerClaus-Peter Erdmann, the caretaker of a nearby apartment block, said: "Every morning the kids came to me and they said we've been to Christian and he gave us presents."Then I went to him and said: 'Christian, the kids are always happy that you give them gifts,' and he said: 'yeah, chewing gum or gummy bears'."The suspicions around Christian B are growing every day as police forces dust of their files and re-examine unsolved cases.Belgian authorities have re-opened their investigation into the murder of German teenager Carola Titze whose body washed up on a Belgian beach 24 years ago.�


          Bowing to Beijing: Pompeo berates HSBC for backing Hong Kong law�经济诈骗和网络诈骗Jaishankar assured the member of parliament that his ministry will not accept any such external interference or pronouncements.�

          Regional travel across South Australia is being encouraged this long weeked.(Luxury Escapes)Dining and drinking at cafes and restaurants is allowed, currently with up to 10 customers indoors and 10 outdoors with up to 80 in large hospitality venues.Mr McIntosh said Adelaide is in for &quot;a pretty consistent weekend&quot; weatherwise, with tops of 15 to 16 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.He said the city will experience a partly cloudy weekend, but it should stay mostly dry.QueenslandWhile Queenslanders don&#x27;t get a public holiday on Monday, the Sunshine State is in for a pleasant weekend.Temperatures will sit between 13 to 22 degrees each day with some brief showers possible on Sunday and Monday.Travel within Queensland has opened but for residents only.Premier Annastacia Palaczczuk is standing firm and will not reopen the borders until at least July�




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